Welcome to CupComs - Branded Cups & Glassware

Cup Communications is a marketing services company totally focussed on branded cups and glassware.

We appreciate that sustainability is as important as the message printed on the side – so will provide you with options to help you balance responsibility for the environment with the usual considerations of cost, quality, shape, size and deadline.

We advise

15 years of deep specialisation enables you to tap in to the most up-to-date knowledge about materials, recycling and reusability.

We connect

Plug into our network of UK and EU-based manufacturers to get the best options, and delivery in weeks.

We deliver

Delivery is everything. We will get the glasses to when and where they need to go.

How we work

As a brand owner, you will most likely be working with an agency to manage your marketing collateral, event and point-of-sale arrangements. Ask them to see what we can do for you. They may know us already. Let’s work together to get it done!

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